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    This website began in the spring of 2002. Obviously there have been many changes and additions. Perhaps 1 or 2 more pages may be added, but the format of the website is well established. This page is intended to track new pictures, articles or other new information. Where applicable, direct links will be be provided and, with any luck, a link to the latest update will be on the page. But then my (not so) great memory has to work...
    I will not provide updates for the "do you remember" page on this page, the mouseover latest person message will continue.

17-Feb-197  1 new photo added to the Winnipeg ATC School 1956-59 page 2
16-Nov-19:  1 new photo added to the Winnipeg ATC School 1956-59 page 2
16-Nov-29:  New photos added to the National VFR/IFR School page - Course 8
16-Nov-27:  new photos (Grant Downes) added to the Etcetera page
16-Nov-26:  5 new photos (Grant Downes) added to the WRATS & RATS page
16-Nov-18:  2 new photos added to the WRATS & RATS page
16-Nov-05:  3 new photos added to the Winnipeg ATC School 1956-59 page 2
16-Nov-05:  New photo added to the Etcetera page - Vic Skinner - 1940
16-Jan-31:  New photo added to the National VFR/IFR School page - Course 13
15-Dec-16:  New photo added to the National VFR/IFR School page - Course 18.
12-Apr-14:  NAVCANADA Jam - clik on link for Info
11-Nov-20:  New photos added to the YCV page November 2011
11-Nov-20:  New photos added to the YUL page November 2011
11-Jan-4:  The Yukon Territory in 2011. Pictures by Dave Hilchie taken in September 2011
11-Jan-4:  More great photos by Dave Hilchie. Follow Dave's 2010 flights in his J3 and a cross country trip in a Norseman. on the North West page
10-Dec-29:   Pictures from Vancouver Island Former Winnipeggers.
10-Oct-4:   2nd is a series of photos from Bob Parker. great stuff!  Bob Parker's collection.
10-Sept-29:   Pictures from September Ottawa RATS luncheon.
10-Mar-17:   Gimli Glider revisited - good stories!  Last Shift.
09-Dec-01:   Photos of Ron Chase's retirement and Rich Winton's last shift at WG ACC.  Last Shift.
08-Dec-01:   Photos and story:  Stan Enns (WG ACC) sent along a summer adventure, locating the  1967 Falcon Lake UFO site.
08-Nov-30:   New page called ETCETERA to display pictures and articles about ATC or ATC people who wouldn't easily fit on the other pages.
08-Jul-14:   Photos:  XE pictures sent in by Roy Cushway. Before Automation
08-Jun-09:   Photo:  WG ACC IFR course #1 sent in by Roy Cushway  WG ACC COURSES.
08-Apr-23:   Article:  The story of the "Gimli Glider" revisited, in the words of Len Daczko. ACA143, the Gimli Glider.
08-Apr-14:   Photos:  Pictures sent in by Len Daczko (WG/VR), down in Mesa AZ.  WRATS/RATS-OATC  page
08-Feb-27:   Photos &Text:  Stan Enns hobby is geocaching, Check it out on the Travels & Hobbies page
08-Feb-07:   Photos:  New pictures of some Ottawa RATS-O members sent in by Pierre Sauve and Luc Salvador sent in a snap of some retired ATC types toughing it out near some links in South Carolina. WRATS/RATS-O.
07-Dec-23:   Article:  Roy Cushway sent in his memories of ATC in Winnipeg tower and ACC in the early 1950s. Times have changed. Early ATC.
07-Oct-10:   Photos:  Pictures of Dave Tustin's restoration project, a 1958 MGA roadster,
or as the purist would say; "a drophead coupe".  ATC travels/afterlife page
07-Sep-03:   New Page:  Joe Danyluk was the WG ACC draftman for many years and without his contributions this website might not exist. Check out Joe's page
07-Sep-01:   Quiz:  A couple of new trivia question on the Quiz page
07-Aug-15:   New Page:  Dave Hilchie's great photographs of the Nahanni Park are featured here. Dave is the younger son of Wilf Hilchie whose ATC licence number was 2 (his story on the YUL page). Follow Dave's flight in his J3 on the North West page

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